Greg Wilker’s View

There has been a lot of controversy going on the past few days over the Miley Cyrus/Vanity Fair photo shoot. A friend of mine, Greg Wilker, expressed his view on the topic really well and I think everyone should definitely check it out (and tell him what you think!) 🙂

Live Broadcasting Options

I recently wrote an article for 🙂 Everyone should check it out then head over to the main site to see the other submitted articles. It’s a really great site if you’re interested in news and updates in the tech world.

Overcoming Depression through GWM

This is the video I made for the GotWebMojo contest in hopes of winning a sweet stereo 🙂

[viddler id-39bf3a0b h-372 w-440]

*UPDATE* I ended up winning the contest and receiving the stereo! Thanks so much to GotWebMojo and everyone who voted for me!! 🙂