Awesome Mail Day

So today was an awesome day for mail. I recently bought the Twilight series off of for only $30 and I bought a new Bamboo Fun tablet off ebay for 1/2 off! This is like MUCHO amazing because I got them both days before I ever expected them to get here. I <3 internet shopping 🙂


So I know I already blogged about this, but I’m just so excited I figured oh what the hell, LET’S DO IT AGAIN! 😀

PodCamp AZ has been deemed the “Relevant Media Unconference” for 2008. It’s one of the most popular PodCamps to attend and people you might see there include:

Me 😉

Brent Spore “iBoughtamac”

Brian Shaler

Justine Ezarik “iJustine”

Chris Pirillo

Kevin Spidel

Jeremy Vaught

Jody Gnant

Clintus McGintus

Francine Hardaway

Jake Marsh

Albert Grassia with Tweet Tees

Greg Wilker with Photograview

DJ Steen

Michelle Glavan “LeggyBlonde”

Cait Becker “KissMeCait”

Amanda Bolten “Amandolinb”

Leah Normie “Princessleah7x”

If you plan on being in the Phoenix area between Nov. 1-2 you should most definitely attend! It’s free and all you have to do is register for the head count 🙂 Find out more at: