YouTube Live!

I will admit I watched YouTube Live this weekend and although it was overall pretty good, I didn’t understand why YouTube had such poor quality video feed? I mean, I understand the feed coming from the Virgin America plane (since it was a bajillion feet up in the air) but as far as everything going on at the actual show… I dunno. I just think they could’ve gotten some better quality video. Maybe they were using the Flip Cam (one of the sponsors) to record everything? lol

Anyways I was pleasantly surprised to see a few people I know at the show such as Justine, Michelle, and Sarah. I must say my favorite part of the night (although i <3 Katy Perry and Bo Burnham‘s performances) would have to be the act by Beardyman. It’s like he’s got a magical computer in his throat! Below you’ll see the performance by Beardyman as well as the Katy Perry remix where Michelle (Leggyblonde) was featured:

PackageToday 11/5/08

So I decided to make a new group on Viddler for people to add their videos to whenever they get a new package in the mail. I’m getting packages about once every couple weeks now so it’ll be fun to have a place to keep those individual videos organized…

[viddler id-7783194c h-372 w-440]

p.s. If you want the intro sound I made, you can download it by right clicking here and selecting Save saving it 🙂

Obama Wins

So I know I should have posted this a couple days ago, but if you know me, then you know my schedule… which is a mess. Anyways, if you haven’t left your basement in the last day and a half then I should probably let you know that Barack Obama is our future president. I am SO pumped about this! 😀

Before the election though, I decided to read excerpts from an article in Rolling Stone to the viewers on my stream to help them understand some of the reasons why I (and obviously the majority of the country) believed John McCain would be a horrible choice for President.

p.s. sorry about the slow load on the video, I couldn’t download it from ustream so I just embedded it :/