Birthday Treat from Pasquale

If you didn’t already know, there’s this guy name Pasquale D’Silva who is super goofy/hilarious/talented and is also one of the nicest guys I know. He decided to make me a little video with his friends to “raise awareness” for my birthday. Today I turn 21 🙂

My Birthday/Xmas Wishlist for 2009

My original plan to celebrate my 21st birthday this year was to go to Los Angeles and hang out with my friends (Cait, Justine, etc.) but because of the recent car accident I was in that cost about $2k for repairs, there went that idea for birthday fun. Also, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll be able to buy myself anything (or expect my parents too either) so I was hoping maybe my friends could help me out 🙂

If I don’t know you, then obviously I wouldn’t expect you to get me any gifts (though I won’t complain if you do 😉 ) but if I do know you, and you have the time/money to help me out, that would be fabulous! Along with receiving any of the stuff below, I’m also happy to accept any monetary donations here.

Wal-Mart Gift Card = $25-$100

Apple Magic Mouse = $69

Magic Mouse

Mac-Case Laptop Binder = $29.95


PS3 (new or refurbished w/ warranty) = $200+


Fly this guy to Texas = ~$850 / priceless


Email me if you can help get any of this stuff! I’m also willing to trade work for gifts (aka web design/graphic design/illustration) Thanks! 🙂