Firefox, But Not The Browser

A couple months ago (around the time I was moving out of my old apartment and into my new one) Derek and I heard a meowing sound outside our front door. Seeing as we’re both cat lovers, we opened the door to see what was going on and lo-and-behold a fluffy kitten was walking around our porch. Usually I’m a little cautious of stray animals, but this cat was SO adorable and friendly I had to play with him… if only for a minute.

We decided to give him some food and water, then let him inside the apartment for a little bit. We knew we wouldn’t be able to keep him, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend. We gave him the name Firefox because his bushy tail and bright orange color just seemed appropriate. I called him my little “open source browser”. 😛

Once we moved into our new apartment, we went back to look for Firefox at our old complex. We eventually found him at the local Humane Society but after discovering from our landlord that the pet deposit was a non-refundable $400, we sadly had to let kitty stay at the shelter. 🙁