Woke up today at my best friend’s house in one of the most comfortable beds I know. Soon after repacking our belongings, Derek and I drove to the Original Pancake House for a late breakfast. I was disappointed they didn’t have the pancakes they do carry at the Austin location, but finally decided on some banana pancakes (with tropical syrup), a tomato/bacon/egg omelette with salsa, and some hashbrowns. It was all pretty darn good. They also gave Derek and I complimentary mimosas for New Years, but I ended up drinking his because he’s not a fan of orange juice.

Afterwards we drove back down to Huntsville, stopping once to get some Australian liqourice and dark chocolate at the Russell Stover factory. Once home, Derek immediately hopped online to start uploading/tagging pictures from his phone. I had craptons of laundry to do so I started on that, and now as I’m typing this I’m about 3/4 packed for our trip to the Bahamas tomorrow. We’re going with my parents on a Carnival cruise, but I’m a little less than excited, seeing as all four of us will be sharing a stateroom about the size of a large walk-in closet. I keep telling myself the weather is going to be uncomfortable as well (since we’ll be visiting a usually warm climate, but in the winter). Everyone else says I’ll have a great time. Hopefully they’re right.

Happy New Year!