SXSWi 2011

I’m here! You can see what parties/events I plan on attending here. Text my Google Voice # if you wanna meet up! (323) 638-7224

*Update*Razor Cruiser Scooter
I had an amazing time at SXSW this year! I met up with a bunch of people and made a few new friends (shout out to Shyama Golden, Spencer Fry, & Mark Burstiner). I finally got to meet Pasquale D’Silva (after knowing that dude for almost 2 years) and got an amazing workout scooting around Austin on my Razor Cruiser Scooter.
Gowalla Viewfinder I was able to fill my Gowalla Passport with 25 stickers, and see a lot of Austin I’d never had the opportunity to before. Staying with Derek Steen and Brian Shaler at the hotel was great too- props to them for putting up with my crazy coughing for the few days that I was sick.

Is it 2012 yet? I’m ready to go again! 😛