SXSW 2012


I’ve always said, if I’m living in Texas when SXSW rolls around, I plan on going whether I have a badge or not. Yes, a lot of the parties/events are “badge only”, but that’s why it helps to have friends in high places. Usually I can still get into a few events by sneaking in with people I know, but there’s also lots to do when you don’t have a badge. And, even if you know nothing about SXSW, Austin is always a great place to visit. If any of you out in the interwebs plan on attending this year as well, take a look at my ever-changing to-do list for next week HERE.

p.s. Let me know if there’s something I haven’t listed that you think would be exceedingly enjoyable! 🙂

SXSWi 2011

I’m here! You can see what parties/events I plan on attending here. Text my Google Voice # if you wanna meet up! (323) 638-7224

*Update*Razor Cruiser Scooter
I had an amazing time at SXSW this year! I met up with a bunch of people and made a few new friends (shout out to Shyama Golden, Spencer Fry, & Mark Burstiner). I finally got to meet Pasquale D’Silva (after knowing that dude for almost 2 years) and got an amazing workout scooting around Austin on my Razor Cruiser Scooter.
Gowalla Viewfinder I was able to fill my Gowalla Passport with 25 stickers, and see a lot of Austin I’d never had the opportunity to before. Staying with Derek Steen and Brian Shaler at the hotel was great too- props to them for putting up with my crazy coughing for the few days that I was sick.

Is it 2012 yet? I’m ready to go again! 😛

Record Store Day 2010

A few weeks ago while in Fort Worth, Derek and I discovered it was National Record Store Day. In the spirit of things we decided to go hang out at the closest store we could find, and lucky for us, Doc’s Records and Vintage was providing free food/drinks and a storewide discount! Derek recorded a bunch of clips and put this nice little video together, so I thought I’d share it with you all 🙂

Music by Clint Niosi / @clintniosi

Johnny Cupcakes in Houston!

My friend Kelsey and I went to hang out with Johnny Cupcakes this weekend. A lot of people showed up before us so we had to wait in line for a while, but otherwise we had a great time! Be sure to check out Johnny’s clothing line at

Music: The Distance by Cake