Catching Up

With school starting back up a couple weeks ago, trying to get situated with new roommates, and looking to find a job/more freelance work, life has been a little hectic. I’ve had a few other personal issues going on as well but let’s not get into that just yet 😉 I still have some videos to edit and pictures to upload from Australia, as well as a couple videos I’ve made since I’ve gotten back to Texas. Other than Twitter, I’ve been pretty fail on the social front! And as some of you know, my memory isn’t the best and so my future posts about Australia won’t likely be as detailed as the ones previous. I’m sorry!!!

Here’s a a list of the things to expect to see blogged in the next week or so:

✛ Information about the new Final Cut Studio (which Derek and I became really pumped about when I was in Sydney)

✛ Details about the website I made for Derek’s mom’s acting studio-

✛ An explanation as to why I’m constantly so angry at The Arbors (my apt. complex)

✛ What are pikelets? And who is Picasso?! (not the artist!)

✛ Video and pictures of all the great animals at the Sydney Wildlife World

✛ What HDR photography is and why I love it 🙂

✛ Details about the audition Derek and I went to for a kissing scene as well as being extras on the set of Home & Away

✛ Coming back to Texas! 🙁

And allll kinds of random stuff that’s happened since I got back…

Check back daily to see if I’ve posted anything new, and yell at me on Twitter if you think I’m slacking off! lol

Australia Day #2

Thursday morning I woke up feeling unusually hungry. The Steen family didn’t have a major variety of choices for breakfast though, other than the random health food items in their fridge and pantry. I decided to eat some pumpkin seed bread with sunflower butter and raspberry conserve along with a cup of citrus black tea and some slices of mango. Now that I think about it, that was probably the healthiest breakfast I’ve had in years (lol!).

In the afternoon, Derek and I decided to meet up with his friend Jess at the local “Mac & Me” store to have them look at my computer, as well as so Derek could buy the necessary cable to connect his laptop to his TV. Afterwards, we stopped to get lunch at a neat little takeout restaurant and then went down to the beach nearby.

At night, Derek, his mom, and I went to the Actors Creative Studio in Artarmon. Suzie held a class at 7 pm, where everyone would be performing “cold-readings” with their partners. Derek’s partner skipped class (lucky me ;)) so I got to take her place and partner up with him. Our skit was about a Christmas elf who was initially looking for donations, but instead decided to mug a rich girl seeing as she “had more than enough to go around” lol. We practiced quite a bit beforehand so it went pretty smoothly, and actually, I was told I was super funny and a natural. It was sort of the highlight of my day 😉

When all that was said and done, as seems to be the usual for the end of any busy day, we drove back to the house where I then eventually passed out.