Final Cut Studio 3

In late July (the 27th to be exact), Derek and I woke up to find a video online defining all the amazing differences between the current Final Cut Studio 2… and what would be FCS 3. Here is that video:

I was going to post all the major differences between FCS 2 & FCS 3 but then I went to the description page… and well, that would be a lot more typing than I expected, ha! So if you’d like to see the more intimate details check those out here:

Australia Day #9

Thursday (the 23rd) early-afternoon, Derek and I decided to take his mom’s convertible to drive out to Newport to pick up my newly fixed laptop. We drove the scenic route, and stopped halfway at West Head Lookout. At night we went to acting class at the Actors Creative Studio (which you can see my tour of here: to perform a little Christmas skit.

I’m Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado
Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Derek and I finally made it to the Mac & Me store, picked up my macbook pro, then started driving back home. We discussed what I was gonna do for work once I got back to Huntsville (since I was going to need a bit more income than I’ve been receiving lately) and decided that I would start up Apple tutorial classes on campus. The closest Apple store is about a 45 minute drive from SHSU, and I know a lot of students who could benefit from learning outside of basic design classes. I’ll write another post about this if it ends up working out 🙂

PackageToday 6/16/09

Mixture of a MeToday and a PackageToday- describing the horrid weather in southeast Texas, opening up a massive box my mom mailed to me filled with goodies, and describing my idea on how to make iPhone users happier!

Music: How Soon Is Now by Love Spit Love (I sped up the tempo by 65%)