Australia Day #6 & 7

I’ve decided (mostly because I’ve gotten so behind on these posts, and I’m starting to forget what happened) that I’m going to be combining days together to make the rest of these entries.  For instance, July 20th & 21st are both going to be included today.

On Monday (the 20th) Derek, his mom, and I went to The Clock Hotel‘s bar/bistro at night. We ate some scrumptious chips (aka french fries) and an appetizer sampler. Also, because I’m allowed to drink legally in Australia, I decided to order a Cherry Vodka Sour. Problem is… none of the bartenders (upstairs or downstairs) seemed to know what that was! So, I got the Australia equivalent- an “Astro Cherry”. It included everything in a Sour, plus a little bit of cranberry and lime juice.

Afterwards, we all went upstairs to attend a NAFA New Media Presentation. We learned about how actors and filmmakers are broadening their reach to attract audiences via the internet. Derek and I already knew quite a bit, but there were still a few things we got to take notes on 😉 We also made a new friend- Jack Feldstein. He’s an interactive scriptwriter/director/filmmaker from Sydney, and was hoping to learn about the different video platforms available to him online and what was best to suit his needs. Of course I told him all about Viddler and was sure to emphasize that we’re all about personal branding, which is exactly what he needed to work on! Visit his website at

*bonus* In the bathrooms at the hotel, they had a flat iron for public use! Hilarious!


Tuesday morning, Derek and I woke up a little early to go to his audition for a lamb commercial. Supposedly, lamb (as a food) is popular in Australia!

After Fox Studios, we headed over to Warringah Mall to get lunch and to stop by the Sugar Fix that Derek used to work at for quite a few years. We met Sam, a friend of Derek’s that he used to work with (and she was totally cool so we got along well). Then we headed over to “Big W” so I could buy a new pair of sunglasses. As we walked in though, I was like *whoa* this is just like Walmart! And then I thought, wait a minute… Big W sounds a heck of a lot like Walmart, so maybe they’re related? Owned by the same parent company? I don’t know, I’m just throwing it out there, lol. After I picked out my new shades and Derek got a couple new bath towels, we picked up Sam from Sugar Fix to drive her home. She lives crazy close to Derek’s house, so it wasn’t out of the way 🙂

Fun fact: Derek’s favorite candy is dark chocolate 😀