SXSW 2012


I’ve always said, if I’m living in Texas when SXSW rolls around, I plan on going whether I have a badge or not. Yes, a lot of the parties/events are “badge only”, but that’s why it helps to have friends in high places. Usually I can still get into a few events by sneaking in with people I know, but there’s also lots to do when you don’t have a badge. And, even if you know nothing about SXSW, Austin is always a great place to visit. If any of you out in the interwebs plan on attending this year as well, take a look at my ever-changing to-do list for next week HERE.

p.s. Let me know if there’s something I haven’t listed that you think would be exceedingly enjoyable! 🙂

Australia Day #12

Sunday (the 26th) morning, Derek had to drive with his dad over to change his mom’s flat tire about 20 minutes away from home. He left fairly early though (I was still asleep) so when he came back, he had to tell me to get my butt out of bed! For once we were both up before 10 am, lol! In the evening, his mom took us to the Palace Cinema in Paddington to see the public premiere of a new Australian movie, Beautiful Kate.

What was special about this premiere though was that afterwards, the director (Rachel Ward), producer (Leah Churchill-Brown), and one of the stars (Bryan Brown) all had an open Q&A session with the audience. The movie was pretty amazing, though I wouldn’t recommend it for the “under 16” crowd… it had a bit of nudity and a smidgen of an incestuous theme. If you’d like to watch the Q&A in it’s entirety, you can watch that here on Derek’s Viddler account.

After the movie, we all headed over to Jacksons on George for dinner. Suzie and I had super delicious bowls of tomato basil soup, and we all shared a serving of traditional Australian “damper bread“.