The Last Essay

Part of the final exam for my Art History class this semester was a 5-page paper about how 19-20th century art is reflected in my own artworks. Well, because I’m not officially a studio artist (painting, sculpting, etc.) I felt like I needed to inform my professor that web design was my “artwork” and I wasn’t sure how to write an essay on the subject she requested. I was able to convince her to let me write a paper on a slightly different topic- what influenced me to start designing websites, and why I chose to earn my degree in a related major (graphic design).

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MeToday – 8/28/08

This was set to be uploaded on the 28th, but my computer decided to die in the middle of the upload… three times. This was an update on my day, and what’s happening this weekend (or actually a lack thereof).

[viddler id-12223f09 h-372 w-440]