The Last Essay

Part of the final exam for my Art History class this semester was a 5-page paper about how 19-20th century art is reflected in my own artworks. Well, because I’m not officially a studio artist (painting, sculpting, etc.) I felt like I needed to inform my professor that web design was my “artwork” and I wasn’t sure how to write an essay on the subject she requested. I was able to convince her to let me write a paper on a slightly different topic- what influenced me to start designing websites, and why I chose to earn my degree in a related major (graphic design).

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Final Cut Studio 3

In late July (the 27th to be exact), Derek and I woke up to find a video online defining all the amazing differences between the current Final Cut Studio 2… and what would be FCS 3. Here is that video:

I was going to post all the major differences between FCS 2 & FCS 3 but then I went to the description page… and well, that would be a lot more typing than I expected, ha! So if you’d like to see the more intimate details check those out here: