Random Work Excitement

First of all, it’s important to know that I’m one of those web developers that not only hates seeing poorly designed websites, but sometimes I actually consider redesigning the super-awful ones… just for fun. Obviously something is wrong with me. 😉

Anyways, it feels like 75% of my job is simple content updates to the main SHSU website, digital signage screens, mass emails, etc. Every once in a while though, a project gets handed to me that I’m genuinely excited for. Today I got to start on a website redesign for the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Not to put down the previous developer (because I don’t actually know when their last theme update was), but the site is looking a little gnarly for 2012. Long story short, I’m super excited for this project, especially since the museum curator already approved/loved my mockup. You can see a preview of it here →

Trip to Austin

Me and Arianna drive out to Austin for the weekend to meet up with Justine and Karen.

p.s. we also went to the LBJ Museum at UT Austin but they wouldn’t let us take any pictures, so I decided not to include that in the video :/

[viddler id-469486a8 h-372 w-440]

You can see the majority of my pictures from the trip here :).

California, SXSW, and my camera

Sooo when I was in California, the last couple of days there Lauren and I went to the zoo and Oceanside art museum. While there, I recorded a bunch of video of myself and stuff that I saw. On Saturday (the day after I returned to Texas) I drove down to Austin to see The Rocket Summer and Uh Huh Her perform. I took a lot of nice pictures of these bands with my SLR as well as recorded almost all of their performances on my video camera. My plan was to come home from SXSW and upload all my media to my computer, create some videos for you all, and then post them online… but guess what? With about 20 minutes left at the Uh Huh Her concert, I reached into my side pocket of my backpack only to realize that someone had stolen my video camera. I though “oh, maybe I just dropped it“, but NO! Someone decided to be a COMPLETE douchebag and take it. Long story short, I lost all of my video (about an hour of recordings!) and thus unable to create anything on my computer.

Thank you DOUCHEBAG that stole my camera!

<3, Rachel 🙁