Random Work Excitement

First of all, it’s important to know that I’m one of those web developers that not only hates seeing poorly designed websites, but sometimes I actually consider redesigning the super-awful ones… just for fun. Obviously something is wrong with me. 😉

Anyways, it feels like 75% of my job is simple content updates to the main SHSU website, digital signage screens, mass emails, etc. Every once in a while though, a project gets handed to me that I’m genuinely excited for. Today I got to start on a website redesign for the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Not to put down the previous developer (because I don’t actually know when their last theme update was), but the site is looking a little gnarly for 2012. Long story short, I’m super excited for this project, especially since the museum curator already approved/loved my mockup. You can see a preview of it here →

Movie Math

In case you didn’t know, I’m currently earning my BFA in Graphic Design/Advertising. I’m in a Senior Studio class which requires students to complete a portfolio book, filled with the best content they can pull together. I was initially having a little trouble filling my book (mostly because my best work is websites and the professors want various types of design), but eventually I got back on track and started producing some really cool new stuff. I’ve decided to share these with you all over the next week, with this post specifically featuring my latest series- “Movie Math”.

Limitless   Take Me Home Tonight   True Grit